This is a cool post I just read on Reddit (OP link). Check out the links, they mostly go back to the original authors. If you like something, go back and give them an upvote. Here is a compilation of the top 80 70 real life cheat codes written by reddit community. The original submission… Read More

I know you have all heard already, but there is a new RPG South Park game and I grabbed the video.  The game is simple enough, you are a new kid in town trying to join the South Parks stick gang is an effort to save SouthPark from “vampires and hippies”.  You will see your… Read More

I know, horrible title, but I just could not resist.  As you have been seeing all over the news, Google’s latest doodle is a working simplified Moog synthesizer.  WORKING synthesizer.  For those of us that are old enough, and were in bands, will remember playing with these at one point in time.  My mirage digital… Read More

I still need to go back and find the original post, but here you go.  How much you wanna bet he sold it?  1995 Pontiac Grand AM GT, Yeah Baby! Yeah! ** found it!  Here is the original link. *** I credit a tweet from @jmspool for sharing.  Cause sharing is caring.… Read More

Assassin’s Creed has to be one of the better game series I have played in a while. On March 31 was the official announcement for the first Assassin’s Creed game with full motion control! I am happy to see this as I feel that most games don’t take full advantage of the Kinect’s capabilities for… Read More

Rage faces have been around a long time starting with 4chan, then reddit, then, copycat outlets like funnystuff.  Yesterday Ars Technica put out a post explaining what Rage Face Comics are.  Its an good enough post, missing some information and fluffing up other bits, but fair enough, you get the point.  However, it got me… Read More

Normally I would have just read this XKCD comic and thought, yea that’s true and moved on.  But something about this made me think, yup here is another sign that the interweb is changing things. I do remember using the expressing ‘ that would make a cool band name’.  And now when I hear things… Read More

These have been popping up all over Reddit and other places in the last 2 weeks.  Pretty cool really. Odds are there will be plenty more showing up in the coming weeks as people make, oh say, Star Wars drinking games, or LOL cats board games, etc… Most of the images are pretty good quality… Read More

Ok you rage comic writers, Rage Comic Generator is now in version 1.1 with the added ability to paint you comics as well. (I have a bad feeling about this new feature) However, since I missed 1.0, I thought I would at least post it now.  This does the basics you would expect; take the… Read More

This will be one of the most inside baseball posts I have ever done. If you read reddit, and the rageface comic infested subreddit /fffffffuuuuuuuuuuuu you will know of the moderator POLITE_ALLCAPS_GUY.  Well, he decided to step from for modding F7U12 and focus on other things like R/BOOKEXCHANGE AND R/SHITTINGADVICE.  And fair enough.  Having to… Read More

This is so funny.  First off, you need to know what this Ocean Marketing fail is in the first place. tl;dr  This (1man?) marketing shop that represents a game controller failed to keep a customer informed about a shipment date miss.  After 3 times the customer started to get angry about the lake of information. … Read More

This is pretty cool.  Go to this site and type in your conversation.  Hit the ‘create siri conversation’ button and bam.  You have your screenshot.  I’m sure a micro meme of really off conversations are going to be created over the next month. 🙂 Here is one I made really quick.  Not my best work.… Read More

Man, am I late to the party on this one, but better late then never. First, the link to install rage face emoticons in Chrome for Now you can use your favorite memes on sites like Facebook, Twitter, youtube, Google+, Reddit, FunnyJunk, EbaumsWorld, and Memebase! This extension does have its limit, if the person who… Read More

On the west coast at least.  Weeeee!!!  🙂   This post has no point.   BTW, Happy Veteran (Armistice) day to my buddies in the 79th TWF and my mates from “the ‘lick” during gulf war I.… Read More