Wow, if you have not seen this video preview of Battlefield4, then you are missing out! Take a look at those shadows!  Lets see your xbox do ground deformation like this!  And avatar rendering.  TELL me this does not look like real life. Hyper realistic, you can shoot while being dragged as well as dragging… Read More

I cannot believe this has not been realized before, and yes its not perfect, like my Perfect Midnight Grilled Cheese Sandwich; but this approaches brilliance. Caution, do this at your own risk.  Mess this up and you can ruin your toaster or worse.  So really, be careful. Now let it be said I have not… Read More

Although some may find it a bit off, using an animated icon that represents much of what drives Mac users nuts (especially us occasional users), but somehow it kinda works for me. Something about always waiting for the next great thing that is going to come from the mind of Steve Jobs, and for us… Read More

I don’t know whats up with me but  I have been writing a lot about rage faces lately.  Perhaps because work has been more busy then normal so I have not had the energy to write like I normally. Do. Anyway, I came across the History of Rage Faces on Reddit and thought I would… Read More

I’m sure how else to say but just microphone check as Groover kicks this jam with early holding the beat.  Ahhhh yeeaa..  The Sesame Street gang mix it up Beatie Boys Sure Shot. Its a great world with video editing becomes so easy that someone would take the time to make a music mashup like… Read More

As I was putting my Google+ circles together, I thought.  Hmmm.. How would Dante do his circles?  Yes I wonder these things.. And here is how his circles would look. Had to do a bit of Photoshop to get these in order.  Then I thought.. how would Dante’s Google+ circles map to today’s grouping?  Actually,… Read More

For those of us that watch John Stewart’s The Daily Show, already know this, but for those that dont, John has a habit of saying ‘Roll 212’ when he is about to play a clip that will support a point is trying to make; most commonly for showing people who say one thing then contradict… Read More

Crazy Brits.  Seems they have build 5 robotic fish that not only look realistic (for a robot) but actually serve a purpose.  To seek out pollution.  The first test will be to release five robotic fish in the northern Spanish port of Gijon. Depending on how well that goes, they will try rivers and streams.… Read More

This is fun.  CNN showed a QR code for people to go to a website to get more information on the GOP debates.  Which seems a bit silly.  I have to grab my phone, call up my QR reader, then I get to the webpage.  If I’m at home, then I have to email that… Read More

I have only just started to see this with people I know, but rage faces are spreading via SMS chat.  So I figured I should look up this up.  Yes, apps are already in the Apple and Android store and ready to for download. They work well enough. Simply click on the rageface you are… Read More

This is so funny!  Posted on, a collection of really funny Peanut cartoons with tweets instead of the original content. The site is called Peanutweeter. (looks like the site is no more) Although not each is a home run, the LOL ration is pretty high. I grabbed a few I like as an example.… Read More

This just came up on Reddit. Its code that will allow you to place rage faces in your facebook chat.  WIN.  I downloaded the code but will not have a chance to mess with it until tomorrow.  But here are the links.  I also put them on my own server since the originals are getting… Read More

What do you do when you are at conference and you are trying to make your message stand out?  Well you dress a bunch of kids in cleanroom bunny suites and have them run around during one of the speakers, run hazard tape all over the place and spread pamphlets.  Sure why not. Layer has… Read More

Most of you will not know what this reference is about, but if you are a Trekkie, then its a pre celebration day, because 52 years from today, we will have first contact with the Vulcans, our first recorded and verified contact with an alien race.  There is even a facebook page set up for… Read More

At first I thought this was a joke, but it makes perfect sense.  If you go the theater and the movie in 3D, you can use these glasses to remove the 3D effect.  No more headaches!   Now this will not make the movie any better or less crappy, but at least you do not have… Read More

You know something has jumped the shark when I write using ‘jumped the shark’.  Yes if “Mars Needs Moms” is proof of anything, making something 3D does not help make something bad, less bad.  What does that have to do with today’s (tomorrows) XKDC comic?  Not a damn thing..  Just wanted to say that.  Now… Read More