You know something has jumped the shark when I write using ‘jumped the shark’.  Yes if “Mars Needs Moms” is proof of anything, making something 3D does not help make something bad, less bad.  What does that have to do with today’s (tomorrows) XKDC comic?  Not a damn thing..  Just wanted to say that.  Now on to XKCD. So this is pretty cool. Move your mouse up, down, left and right and the rendering will do a 2.5D update. Sweet. So I thought.. hmm.. I wonder if I can get this to work in WP without any special coding.. Lets see.. As for now, go here to see it in it live full glory. BTW, if 3D really does make you sick or give you headaches, check these glasses out. Anti-3D!

BTW, wanna help make more XKCD comics 3D?  Well, hit up this like and check it!

Ah well, my little hack did not work. I know I could do this directly in code, but what kinda of fun is that? I may come back to this.. We’ll see.

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