This is very cool. I should have thought of this.  So one thing that slows me down on Reddit is reading Reddit on my ipad while tethered to my iphone on the train. Its not a fast connection, so the constant going back and forth is somewhat of a pain.

Well go to and feel the win.

First credit where credit is due.  Seems that felixmm was having connection speed issues as I do but as the Bau5 that he is, decided to code something up real quick to deal with it.  Here is the OP (original post)

Now this is not the first customization for reading Reddit. There is which seems to do the same thing, the although I have heard some complaints about not remembering links, and which seems to work pretty well on the ipad.

I’m sure there are plenty more that I just do not know about, and of the three I listed, each has its ups and downs, but at the very least, if you are on a weak connection, any of these should make Reddit reading or lurking far less painful.



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