vrhackathon2014Yeah, I know, who would schedule something on Memorial Day weekend? Hardcore VR hackers, that’s who! So if you have family plans, then you are not fully dedicated to the cause.  Ok, that was harsh, but still, you do not want to miss out on this year’s VR Hackathon.  Last year was pretty fun…I should know…I was there  (that is me in the far back with the peach(?) shirt).  This is a 3 day event May 22-24.  Starts Friday night.  Friday is Free, so even if you’re on the fence, you should check it out.

Friday 6pm – 10pm
Mega Mixer (free and open to public)
& VR Hackathon Kickoff
Saturday 8am – 12am
Main event Day #1
Sunday 8am – 6pm
Main event Day #2

So this year will be just as good with even cooler prizes. Samsung is giving away a GearVR HMD WITH THE PHONE!! That’s right, win this category and you are set.  Of course, your team will have to figure out who actually gets the device, but that’s your problem.

Unless you have been living under a rock (and given the property values in the Bay Area that just might not be a bad idea), VR is the new hotness and everyone is in the game: Google, Samsung, Facebook (yes, Facebook!) Sony, HTC, etc…  The HMDs are more powerful, cheaper and better than before.  Tools make it easy to create PC or mobile VR games and apps.  Content from 3D video to full worlds is starting to be created.  We are still in the beginning, so VC money is still flowing to start ups that can find their nitch, and this is the time to get a team and try a hack.

Plus, it’s just plain fun.  🙂

Go here to check out the details and get signed up.  There are lots of categories so plenty of ways to win a hack.  And VC’s love hack winners. Oh, and the VR Hackathon is offering free demo space on Friday nighty for anyone in the community who wants to show off their stuff!

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