My Android is stuffed away right now, so I had to test on my tablet, but all and all, its seems to work, MOSTLY as seen in the video. I did have a few issues with Robin understanding me, but 80% of the time, it worked pretty well. Check the video at the end.  Everything I tried in the video did work.  Nothing else did.

Robin is focused on answering driving based questions, so asking ‘what is 100 dollars in English pounds’ give you’ that sounds interesting’.  Asking ‘what is the current temperature’ give no reply.  Robin is in beta, so you have to give it a bit of slack.  So right now, it can help with traffic, directions, and finding parking.  Pretty useful. I tried running this on an older Android tablet but it did not see the camera, thus the who hand waving thing did not work. When I clicked on the “I” icon, it told me what is was and said, here is a list of things you can ask me.. then nothing.  Also, I do not know what the OS requirements are, so I guess my mileage has varied.

At the moment, Robin is available in beta across the US, offering features such as local search (including Yelp reviews), navigation, real-time traffic and parking information, gas prices, weather and more. And for those getting bored behind the wheel, Robin can narrate personal Twitter news (with more content reportedly coming soon)

“Today, people still think of a car assistant primarily in terms of navigation,” says Magnifis co-founder/CEO Ilya Eckstein. “But in fact, we don’t use navigation much, as most of the time we know our way around. What we really need in the car is someone to watch out for us as we go and be there when we need… well, just about anything. That, and being able to remain fully connected and empowered behind the wheel. To not miss out on a single important bit of life, even when you are not staring at the screen. And that is exactly what Robin is meant to help us with.”


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