.. The talking alarm clock. Suddenly Mr. Ed pop into my head.  Anyway, Ivee, is a talking (or better voice actuate) alarm clock radio.  Although its not perfect, its pretty darn impressive.  On the plus side, it works using voice as you would expect.  You can speak ‘hello ivee’ and then provide a number of… Read More

Last week there was all kinds of news about getting Siri to work on jailbroken iphones. Well there is news today that Apple my be working on a version to run on older iOS devices. Most likely you will still need to update your phone to iOS5 if you have not already. I have held… Read More

Such FAIL that its almost epic.  I have only recently started to play with iphone voice control after a VERY pleasant experience with Google Androids voice control, which work very well.  With my Droid I could get directions, play music and even call people.  And although calling people was not 100%, it was pretty good.… Read More