I have not had a chance to really did into todays announcement from Google so I’m going to do a quick post here with some bullet points video below. I’ll return to this post with deep thoughts later today.  There is a lot to take in; and not all of it is new news. The biggest however is the Android App store.  Yes folks the Google Apple mobile war is moving to full engagement.  And with Apples and News Corps release of ‘The Daily’ I FULLY expect something like that to appear in the Android Market Webstore.  Dont confuse this with the app store you access on your phone.

The online store will let Android users browse, share and purchase apps without launching the Android Market application on their phone or tablet. Once an app is purchased on the web store, it’s instantly transferred to your Android device. http://market.android.com.

When you click to buy, it shows which permissions it needs, asks which device you want to install to, — click ‘complete your purchase’. As soon as the credit card transaction completes, you get a notification on your phone, and the app is downloading to your phone. Very cool. “No wires, no syncing with computers, none of that sort of nonsense.”  Nice.

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