Just saw this in a press release.  I’ll expand on this later, but basically there are plenty of valid grips about having to use iTunes to get your photographs from the iphone onto the iPad; much less useful grid viewing with titles.  Check it out..

WidePhotoViewer is the most complete photo-viewing app for
the iPhone, iPod Touch, and iPad, with these key features:

— Accesses Flickr, Facebook, SmugMug, and Photo Library
— the only app that can do all four.
— Download albums for offline viewing.
— Choice of thumbnail, grid, full-screen, or slideshow
— Display of titles, captions, camera (EXIF) data, and
— Direct editing of titles and captions.
— Support for the iPhone/iPod camera.
— Upload directly to Flickr, Facebook, or SmugMug.
— Flickr exploration (interestingness, recent from
everyone, Getty, searches, etc.).

Most of what WidePhotoViewer can do is free. An in-app
upgrade unlocks the premium features, such as uploading,
downloading, and title/caption editing.

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