Well its happens to everyone at some point.  Well everyone who is responsible for servers.. They go down.  And today its Gmail.  Gmail has been up and down all day and finally a 503 was spotted.  The outage was very short lived, 5 min or so, but that’s for now.  However, what if you need access to email NOW!  Like when I was going to make a phone call, knew the phone number was in an email and Gmail was not accessible?   Fortunately for me, I have my Gmail and Outlook synced so that if it ever does go down, I have it backed up on Outlook. In fact, when I have Outlook open, I do not even notice when Gmail blinks out.

Now if you do not use Gmail in any professional manner, then this is most likely not worth bothering about. Gmail goes does down so infrequently that I cannot remember the last time I could not get to it.  However, Murphy’s Law says the ONE time it goes down, is the one time you REALLY need to get access. 🙂  So here is a link to synchronize your Gmail to Outlook.  Good for making backups too.

BTW, setting up Gmail to Outlook is pretty easy.  Here is tutorial I used..

Connect Gmail to Outlook.

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