So your gmail and other Google apps have been acting up?  Screen locking up?  Mail not sending, then when it does you send out 2 or 3 copies?  I sure have.  The funny thing is this started for me the day after Google for iOS5. Now before any one jumps on this, I have no proof, and the issues I have seen and others I know having issues could be a coincidence, but it would make sense.  The Google maps iOS app has been so successful that its possible that Google was not prepared and perhaps they are hitting the servers a littler harder then they planned for.  Keep in mind the Google maps app passed 10M in just a few days.  So given that data is going both ways, sending maps as well as collecting traffic information is a LOT of data for Google to absorb.

If this is the case, can Google adjust? Sure, I would bet with a little tweaking of the servers they will be running smooth in a week.  But for now, I’m going to be keeping a close eye out.  You never know, could be even more downloads as non iOS 5 users like myself start using the app.

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