Well its happens to everyone at some point.  Well everyone who is responsible for servers.. They go down.  And today its Gmail.  Gmail has been up and down all day and finally a 503 was spotted.  The outage was very short lived, 5 min or so, but that’s for now.  However, what if you need… Read More

Just saw this in a press release.  I’ll expand on this later, but basically there are plenty of valid grips about having to use iTunes to get your photographs from the iphone onto the iPad; much less useful grid viewing with titles.  Check it out.. WidePhotoViewer is the most complete photo-viewing app for the iPhone,… Read More

I do not like iTunes.  Never did.  When I first got the iphone, I would avoid sync as much as possible because of the long sync times.  After while, and with iTunes8, things got better.  It would not lock up, and I would have a full sync in around 2-3 min.  I can live with… Read More