Normally I do not write about an app more then once, typically I would just update the original post, ( I know, bad practice ), however in this case, I wanted to write about this again because of how impressed I am with this little app.

ClearCam, the original post here, is a program that will enhance and enlarge the image taken with your iphone from 2meg to 4 meg as well as help sharpen the image.  When I first took my test photos, I was impressed, however, the image I took of my roll-up desk did not seem fair since one came out brighter then the other.  So yesterday I retook it just to see.. and the improvement were even more impressive the second time around.  Have a look at these close ups.


Original Shot


Enhanced Shot

Crazy right?  And this is not two separate pics where my hand was more steady the second time, this is the original image taken by ClearCam and then the enhancement. Anytime I take a picture of anything still (or even semi still) I will only use this software.  Below are the full images. Even without zooming in, you can see a marked improvement.

Remember, this is jailbreak only at this time. If others have really good examples of using this app (as well as using the clarifi maco lens) send them in and I’ll post them up.



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