I have not hidden the fact I have complaints with the iphone and AT&T, but all in all, I still regard the iPhone as the best smart phone out there.  Till just recently.. I have the Android HTC from the Google show, but I have only played with it off and on.  Lately, AT&T service since 3.0 has been so poor, with so many dropped calls and OS lockups that ‘seem’ to be associated with data connections, that I have taken a serious look at my HTC for the first time.  So, the only ‘Major’ complaint I have on the phone for my daily use is the fact that web pages keep reloading when I move from preloaded page to preloaded page.  I cannot seem to stop it either, so if someone knows, please clue me.

The Android however, has no such issue.  So I can click on a link from say newsSnacker.com , read the article and then come back to newSnacker and not have to wait for a refresh.  However, the way I normally use the web, is click on a number of links, then go back and read them as time allows.  This is especially useful if you in a weak connection area (as I am in SF) or plan to ride the underground (BART) where there is no connection. With the iPhone, when I open a link, and then go back to the original page, it will try to refresh that page, regardless if I have a connection or not, so I can only really have 1 page open at a time.  FAIL.

Is this enough to make me switch phones?  Well, its getting close. I had a few comments on my original post on 3.0 dropping calls that 3.1 did not improve matters. I will most likely get a month of T-Mobile and live with Android and see if I miss the iPhone.

As for page rendering.  I think they both do a good job.  I have not updated my HTC to see what flash is like, but I will look into it soon and report back.

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