Taiwanese computer giant Acer wants to be like Apple with premium products and high margins. Now it thinks it has a more promising future in tablets, Bloomberg reports.
This is a big change in Acer’s strategy. The company has previously focused o…… Read More

Yes, just as we were starting to get used to the idea of a 1 gig processor in our phones, there is already rumor of a 1.5 gig Android phone on the way. And again, rumor control, but mobileCrunch reported that a phone called the HTC Scorpion could be coming to Verizon that not only… Read More

Oh lets hope so.  Its total rumor, but I just read on androidandme.com that t-mobile will be updating 3G myTouch phones.  That COULD also mean the Google Ion I/O phones we got in 2009, aka, the Magic. For those of you who still have your Google Ions, it has been stuck at 1.6 forever just… Read More

I have not hidden the fact I have complaints with the iphone and AT&T, but all in all, I still regard the iPhone as the best smart phone out there.  Till just recently.. I have the Android HTC from the Google show, but I have only played with it off and on.  Lately, AT&T service… Read More