There is a story going around that if you try to root your Android HTC G2, it will detect that you rooted it and return it back to factory… and it really got me to think… Or actually, made me wonder what are THEY thinking. Seems that HTC wants to really lock down the OS, and I would guess its a business decision because the reason cell phone manufactures and carriers put so much junk on your phone is because they think they can either; sell the right to put that app on the phone, make money somehow by controlling your experience, or thinking that ‘they can do it better’.  All poor answers but not likely to change in the future. Perfect example, the coming Verizon app store.  Great. You can buy an app for your Android Verizon phone and it may not work with any other non Verizon Android phone.

So the question because, can we do anything about it?  I’m afraid the answer is no.  The first reaction is that we can vote with our wallets, but the percentage of people who will want to root their phones, much less the percentage of people who even KNOW what rooting means is pretty slim. But not all hope is lost. Keep in mind that iphone was suppose to be locked down and its normally jailbroken within 24 hours, so hopefully these stupid lock downs will be circumvented.

But I guess one has to ask; is there enough demand for phone freedom that market forces can actually have any effect?  BTW, you can read the original post I got this from here.

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