DoubleTwist on MBook Pro

Well if your like me and have an android device and are using a mac instead of a PC, then you know how much of a pain in the ass it is to figure out how to SYNC your music, photos, and videos with the Droid to your Mac. Well wait no more my friends!!!! A while back the good people at Doubletwist came up with a solution for us “confused” iPhone or Droid folks. And the best part it is FREE!!!!!! (unless you want to use its blue tooth capability. Which in that case you will need to pay a small monthly fee) but all functions and capabilities are open on the free app.

Double twist is an amazingly user friendly app that functions almost exactly as iTunes does, but solely for our Android devices. It still has the same device settings, drag and drop features and an even better media layout. And in my opinion, has an even better media type (music, photos, videos) syncing option.
Now all you will need is…

Your Android device
A Macbook (i use the new pro), or an iMac
And your usb cable

Next, you will need to download these 3 things (all free)

You will need to DL the double twist app on both your Mac and Droid.. (MAC then the Droid app which is available in the Android Market (or the “play store” as Google calls it now.).)

2. Then a torrent client. I use Vuze as it seems to work seamlessly with DoubleTwist. You can download Vuze @
Now once you have worked your way through the install which is so incredibly easy to do, i bet my 2 year old son could do it

Open up Double twist on your Mac, connect your Droid via the USB cable and when prompted to do so on your Android, connect as “Mass Storage”
You will see mid way down on the left column your Droid icon will pop up as an iPhone would in iTunes.
Now open up Vuze, and find what you want to download, and go for it. You can also Google search for a torrent. (Which i don’t condone torrents, but hey whatever floats your boat and wait for it to finish Downloading
Once the file is finished downloading, simply add it to Double twists library by the following directions. File>open>Vuze Downloads, and simply select any or all files.

Once the files have finished importing into Doubletwist all you have to simply do now is, “Drag -N- Drop them onto your Android icon on the left…

(be sure to eject the device through double twist once you are finished the sync or the files will be all screwy and you’ll have to do it all over again)

And that’s about it guys and gals. Now you can use your Android device with Double twist on your Mac. The same way you would as if it were an iPhone on iTunes. I hope you all found this to be of help.

Well until next time, As always let me know what you think in the comments below. You can also follow me on twitter for my daily updates on anything from iTech, Android, Hacking as well as many more topics. @ichuckydee . Or you can always email @

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