I liked playing with Google’s voice search app, especially when I used an accent (more on that here) but I had one major complaint about it; if I want a map, I need to say ‘map’ first then the address or term and hope for the best.  For example; saying “map … taco bell” will work for me most of the time, but not always. “map .. fry’s” does not because FRYS.com gets a higher return.  Googles app also works by detecting when it’s held up to your mouth to speak, and then lowered again.  Again, most of the time, it works, but not always.

So here comes vLingo, and there are a number of things I like about it. First, I can choose to seach Maps, the interwebs or my address book!  How great is that?  Also, I like the fact that I click a button to start and stop.  So now, when I want frys, I simply say ‘Frys” and it works!  Today, I spoke an address in and it worked perfectly.  Sweet!  In one swoop, this has replaced my Google voice search and will be logged as one of my must have apps.