Just read that in June Microsoft will release their voice assistant Cortana for Android and iOS.  This is great for those of us who want to try something new who use Android and Google Now search, which is very good, but sometimes you want something a little more conversational. For my friends who have been complaining about Siri not… Read More

Sure. All you need is WIFI access.  Basically the non 3G iPad is an iPad on steroids. So if you could get your ipod touch to do a VoIP call, then you can do it on your iPad… And there are plenty of Apps to choose from. Line2 has the most professional options. (My Review… Read More

Heck, I did not even know this could be done.  I have not tried it since its still in invite Alpha only, but based on what i’ve read on TechCrunch, that seems to be the case. Its called the Black Swan Edition.  Features listed are: Native iPhone look and feel. Syncro of Google Voice™ data.… Read More

They said yesterday that they would put it on Cydia and last night, ‘poof’ it appeared.  I downloaded the app and it seems to work fine so far.  So go get it already! Do not know what I’m talking about?  Well Google Voice was submitted to the Apple Store, which was personally approved last April… Read More

It never seems to end…  Apple rejected Google Voice and removed GV Mobile from the app store. This is really a pain because I JUST got a work blackberry and will need to start managing my communication a little better.  Being able to do that from my iPhone would be perfect. Seems Apple (read AT&T?)… Read More

I liked playing with Google’s voice search app, especially when I used an accent (more on that here) but I had one major complaint about it; if I want a map, I need to say ‘map’ first then the address or term and hope for the best.  For example; saying “map … taco bell” will… Read More