Heck, I did not even know this could be done.  I have not tried it since its still in invite Alpha only, but based on what i’ve read on TechCrunch, that seems to be the case. Its called the Black Swan Edition.  Features listed are:

  • Native iPhone look and feel.
  • Syncro of Google Voice™ data.
  • Automatic updates.
  • Voice data is available offline
  • You can listen to voice mail as well as read transcriptions
  • Erase voicemails, calls, or SMS messages.
  • Import your contacts from google.
  • Make a call using google voice

And its this last point I’m not sure on. How can you have a conversation from a web based app?  I did not know the browser could get access to the microphone and speakers in a sufficient manner to support VoIP. (it cannot access the ear piece).  I cant wait to hear reports on how this works.  Now the funny thing is Google voice was rejected for mimicking Apple’s functionality. So now what?  Does AT&T ignore it?  Most likely yes.  After the FCC investigation, I doubt they are going to put up much of a fight.  But still, this is through the browser, I have to imagine some functionality is going to be compromised.  This should be good. 🙂

See the promo video

  • Native iPhone® look and feel.
  • Sync your Google Voice™ data.
  • Automatic and immediate updates.
  • Offline access to Google Voice™ data.1
  • Listen to Google Voice™ messages and read transcriptions.2
  • Swipe to delete calls, voicemails, or SMS conversations.
  • Google Contacts import.
  • Call using Google Voice™ or iPhone®.