Skype now supports video calls on the iphone 4 and 3gs over wifi and 3G.  I have yet to test this, but the new version of skype will let you make skype to skype video calls over wifi and 3G.  This is supported on the iphone 4 and 3gs, NOT the 3g.  But I’m going to look for a hack to fool the app into thinking I have the 3gs just to see what happens.

Here is the improvement list..

Make skype to skype video calls on wifi and 3G.

You can make video calls to windows and mac skype desktop users.  Big win there.

Recieve video only on the current iPad.  However you know it will work on the iPad 2

Skype calling requires iOS4.

Now there is a note saying addition data charges may apply.  Not sure what that means, but I’m going to guess its a warning in case you are on the new AT&T limited data plan

I’ll update more as I find out more.

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