Yes, I wrote about a phone call scam last week and now there is yet another scam I just came across using VoIP and voice to text.  This time, it calls your skype account with the name “System update information’ or something weak like that. This one has been around for a few months but only just now have I see it. My girlfriend got it while logged into skype and before I could tell her is was a scam, she answered the VoIP call.  There was a delay then a prerecorded message saying her machine was compromised and wanting more information was well as downloading a link provided in chat.  I took a look and quickly killed the call and then reported it as spam.

It’s really getting bad out there.  So again, anytime you get an phone call, email or skype call or any other contact and they do not immediately identity who they are and the company they are with AND that you have dealt with the company or service in the past, odds are VERY high its a scam of some sort.

So again, keep safe out there, its only going to get worse and your personal information gets easier and easier to find.

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