There are some many buzz words I could have used with this, but basically, its a remote control robot with a camera and computer screen. And thats cool enough right?  However, I’m not sure this would really take off as the creators have in mind.  The idea is that you can have an autonomous remote presence instead of being stuck in a conference room screen.  And how did I hear about this? I just say it as an advert on my site! 🙂

So basically, imagine you have a remote team of engineers, or customer service agents, or you just like to scare the hell out of you kids while on a business trip, then this could be your ticket.  Imagine sneaking into little Billy’s room when he is suppose to be getting in the morning and yelling at home remotely from across the globe?  Course, if you dress up this robot as Darth Vader that could be even cooler. 🙂

All kidding aside, there is a point for this.  I’m a big believer to walking to people in my office to ask a question rather then using email.  So if I have to work away from the office for an extended period, I can use this guy to do the walking for me. Course, from the video its walk speed is pretty slow.  That would drive me crazy.. no pun intended…

Still its pretty sweet.  Check out some of the details on this little gem.

  • Plug-in application that works with Skype™ for easy and intuitive control for driving MantaroBot™ (see below)
  • Control Application connects through firewalls and NAT anywhere a Skype™ call can be made
  • High Definition Camera with Pan & Tilt Control
  • Obstacle detecting infrared sensors
  • High quality speakers and USB microphone provides excellent sound quality
  • Auto-answer with password protection access control
  • Dedicated Netbook computer provides local control interface and display
  • Automatic communication link monitoring stops MantaroBot™ if communication link fails
  • Link quality monitor

You can have this baby right now for $3500.  Just expense it.

Now, check out the Vid..


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