ok, so I saw a few tweets about this and decided to give it a shot.  And I have to agree, this is pretty cool. Kinda like the wii in a way.  I like that I can curve the ball by twisting the iPhone towards the end of release. Now the only downside.  I can see someone perhaps having 1 too many letting the phone slip out of their hands and knock down other things then virtual pins.  Really need a strap or something like that.

Still, this is cool… and its free. A small detail, would have been cool to have a differnt sound for picking up 1 or 2 pins.  Perhaps on the next version. Soo… Go get it already.

SGN, the guys who make this app also made iGolf.  I may try that next.


BTW, took a few tried to get a screenshot with the pins flying. 🙂

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