iphonebarcamp. Fun. Yes. Regrets? I have a few, but then again, too few to mention. Well, I’ll mention two. I did not get as involved in the camp as I should have, and I forgot about an afternoon beach party. 🙁 If you have never been to a dev camp, (whatever the technology) it basically… Read More

This is something I did not even think to check till driving into iphonebarcamp today. The iphone 3G would not charge on my car charger. FTW? Well, seems like it’s a common problem and here is the reason, the pin that normally accepts power for firewire is no longer connected. Here is the quote from… Read More

{update} Now with the 3.0 update, you can tether with a bit more ease.  More here.. This is interesting. I read in justanotheriphoneblog.com that an app appeared briefly, then disappeared, and now has reappeared. Kinda like a Quark I guess. Anyway, at the time of this writing, it’s still there so you may want to… Read More

Ok, so after my rant on the new iphone, lets see what we have here. In my previous post. ‘ New iphone?? Ok, get these.. ‘ I listed off some of the apps I had on the iphone. Well, now that I have the new iphone, and I have not installed jailbreak yet.. ..a thought… Read More

And why does it sux? Is it the fact that the screen has this faded yellow shade to it? Naw, I can get used to that. I’m sure they made it warmer to extend battery life. A hack will come along to resolve it. Is it the fact that all those cool programs from 1.1.x… Read More

If you hit the interwebs, don’t be surprised when it hits back. (The anger of the crowds) There are plenty of stories on how numbers of people use the web for righting wrongs; catching petty thiefs, freeing a reporter from prison in a foreign land, fighting a cult (or religion depending on how you look… Read More

Never spend all your Karma in one place. (updated) My bad week started Sunday night and I’m hoping it ends tonight… (it didnt) Sunday I take my tablet computer, the tc1100 (the only used tablet that is costing more as it gets older) with me on a visit to my nieces and nephews in Sacto.… Read More

I have not been to many events in the last month, been REALLY busy. So much so, I would not even bother writing this post. However, after seeing the google IO party, I have to make an exception. I still am busy though, so this will be short and choppy. Please note all images were… Read More

This post is more for a friend of mine, but what the heck.. ok, assuming you already jailbroke your phone, and have the app installer in place, let get some kewl stuff. IntelliScreen. I wrote about this app before. Its sweet. SMBPref. MUST have. Get this first in fact. Althoght I use the blueprint theme,… Read More

THIS is how you write a cheque (check). Love it. Just love it!  The only thing that would have been better is if Randall would have spelled out ‘the limit of the sum of (1/2^n) since your suppose to write the amount, in words, in the second line. 🙂 Image below..… Read More

WOW 2 posts in one day?? Must be the heat. Ok all you iphone users… get this now.. http://www.intelliborn.com/IntelliScreenFAQs.html Here are the instructions.. 1. In Installer.app, choose the Sources tab 2. Choose “Edit” and then add http://intelliborn.com/repo. 3. Goto Install tab, and choose the Intelliborn category, and Install IntelliScreen This is still rough, and there… Read More

As I’ve said, I really cannot take Lou Dobbs.  Even adultswim lists Lou as ‘FAIL’ along with MS Vista. So I need to have something on, so I switched to Hardball.  I thought Chris was ok and I can watch (really listen) while waiting for Olbermann who I find a bit harsh but ALWAYS entertaining.… Read More

So, given that I work in technology, and web2.0 for that matter, whatever that means, one would think all of my blogs would be about software. And yet, this is my first. Now many of you know I have been playing around with building a twitter service to deal with twitter overload. The easy fix… Read More

and so does the damage to both candidates.  Despite some of the silly projections, the Democrats will win the whitehouse this year with the simple action of connect McCain to Bush.  Already started in fact. Most of the pundits are pointing to Obama’s comments in San Francisco as the reason he lost at the margin… Read More

Well, after many changes in the course, it looks like they are going to go from doyle dr to the airport. What a shame. I do not mind all the changes in the course, but to simply stop, in the middle of the street and have the ending cerimony at the airport is really weak.… Read More

I’ve been watching the news everyday (it’s a sickness) and although there is not a single event I can point to that indicates the Clinton campaign could be on the downward slope, I think I just saw the straw landing on the camels back. First, the numbers. Based on the gallup poll, we watched the… Read More

Normally I do not single out any particular pundit or personality, but over the last month, I’ve found that I just cannot stand Lou Dobbs anymore. So much so that I now switch to Chis Matthews or sometimes Shepard Smith (just to hear what the right is saying). My main issue with Lou is just… Read More

ok, for the longest time, I was on the fence between Obama and Clinton but leaning to Obama purely because I thought he would attract less heat from the right.  But now, after the last 2 days, I think I’ve had enough of the Clinton campaign and Hillery’s reaction to Ferraro … to NOT cut… Read More

There are very few shows out there that are just plain stupid, and not in a good stupid, but why didn’t the writers stay on strike for this?  Normally I would not care, but its the lead for John Stewart.  Gezzz..… Read More