and so does the damage to both candidates.  Despite some of the silly projections, the Democrats will win the whitehouse this year with the simple action of connect McCain to Bush.  Already started in fact.

Most of the pundits are pointing to Obama’s comments in San Francisco as the reason he lost at the margin we saw today, instead, I think it was the near hit job done by ABC…  Check out the gallop poll and then line up the dates when the numbers moved.

Regardless of where you fall on the Obama/Clinton divide there is one thing that is already lost, the opportunity to unite the majority of America around a candidate that can not only turn the country around, but provide a new face and excitement to the rest of the world. Most of you will have no memory of this, but I can still remember how people talked about John Kennedy even 10 years after he was killed. He died before I was born, but even as a young boy, I could hear the difference in how people would talk about John vs. the current presidents. There was an excitement about him and that time. The closest thing during my lifetime was Reagan. Of course most people remember him ending the cold war, but I also remember the beginning of the middle class slipping, the mentally ill left on the street ( he was a Gov at the time) and an explosion of shopping malls.

I really hope that after the democratic nominee is chosen, perhaps some of the excitement will come back, but I’m not holding my breath.