Never spend all your Karma in one place. (updated)

My bad week started Sunday night and I’m hoping it ends tonight… (it didnt)

Sunday I take my tablet computer, the tc1100 (the only used tablet that is costing more as it gets older) with me on a visit to my nieces and nephews in Sacto. Always a good time. However I also wanted Josh (the oldest) to do some work on a logo for Intel I started working on. (He’s pretty good).. Next time I use the tablet, the pen is missing. Still have not heard back from him if he has it or not. Karma (but I didnt know yet)

Then driving home, get a speeding ticket. And I almost NEVER speed. I was most likely doing 78, written up for 80. Sigh. (Also Karma, and I still didnt know)

Few days later, head off to some small conference. Take the motorcycle. On my way out to have lunch with a friend, I leave my computer bag, yes with the tc1100 ON THE SIDEWALK! Walking to lunch, I realize my mistake and race back to upper Market st. Odds of finding the bag there? 0 to 0 I figured. And I was right. Parked the bike in the same spot. Nothing. Just as I the pull helmet off, cell phone rang. Someone found the bag, found my business card in the bag with my cell number. Sweet! I gave him all my Karma points. Hmm.. Error.

I walk to the Apple store to check the line. It did not look all that long. I get in line, and it seems to go pretty fast. After an hour of moving pretty quick, it slowed down… Way down. It took 3 HOURS from enter the line to leave with the new iphone. Go to my bike.. ticket from the meter running out… Karma

Take the new iphone home. The damn thing sucks, OS is unstable, GPS only works after a OS restart, the jailbreak is not fully stable yet, battery life is poor even with 3G off, and I’m paying $15 more a month! … karma

Got to the techcrunch party. Forget the keys in the bike, battery dead. Tried to push start and accidentally flooded the carbs. Have to take public Xport back to Oakland. … At least the bike was still there, so whatever little Karma I had left.. gone.

Thought I had lunch in the city at 12:00.. Planning to take bart into the city, have lunch, then take the train south. Realized it was at 11:00! Had to drive in, have meetup, dive back and then walk to Bart.

Take public Xport back out to palo alto. Restart the bike with help of a friend. W00T!1! Started racing up the 280.. so fast the signs are blurry… Wait, blurry?? I’m not going THAT fast. Ack! Left my glasses on the bike as I suited up. Lost em..

Stay in on Sunday, thinking best not to go out till the week is over… Nope

Monday morning, I realize that by hiding under the covers on Sunday, I forgot the move the cars for street cleaning. 2 more tickets.

Go to lens crafters. Prescription is too old. Have to get a new exam. Sigh. Est total cost for new glasses around $325.

… However, I talked with my nephew and he DOES have my tablet pen and is sending it to me in the mail. I’m figuring that this is where it all started, so hopefully, this is where it ends.

So. I reealllyy hope thats the end of that .. I’m taking to you Karma.

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