I’ve been watching the news everyday (it’s a sickness) and although there is not a single event I can point to that indicates the Clinton campaign could be on the downward slope, I think I just saw the straw landing on the camels back.

First, the numbers.

Based on the gallup poll, we watched the numbers hold pretty much at 49% while Clinton is 45-46% although it was as high as 52%-42%.  In Pa. Obama is catching up.  But what made me do the odd thing of actually Blogging, is Carter!  I do not think Pres. Carter’s (hinted) support of Obama is going to move many people, but it seems like every other day, there is another super delegate expressing support for Obama. Part of the straw is the dust up between the Clintons and Richardson. Why Hillary simply could not say ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to the claim that she said ‘Obama cannot win’ to Richardson is showing a pattern of not being clear.  This is going to play negatively a bit more then I think most people expect. Mondays polls should be very interesting.  Also, her team is still trying to bring up the Rev. Wright affair. Most people view this as somewhat dirty politics given that Obama is playing clean.

So what does this mean?  Well, first, watch Obama taking bowling lessons, and second, watch Obama becoming very careful and ‘nice’.  Clinton?  Well, I expect another hard TV hit about 4 days from the Pennsylvania primary. Should be fun.  I bet its released at 3:00am … on the phone.