And why does it sux? Is it the fact that the screen has this faded yellow shade to it? Naw, I can get used to that. I’m sure they made it warmer to extend battery life. A hack will come along to resolve it. Is it the fact that all those cool programs from 1.1.x jailbreak cannot be used anymore? Well, I’m a bit miffed, but again, in time, they will return. I paid for the video app, so it have better appear. Well what then? Battery life? Still no video? Apple making people charge for what would normally be free? Plastic case? the FAIL that is mobileme? What is it man???

The OS.

Plain an simple. It stinks. The biggest fail, when the OS calls a textfield after heavy L2 memory usage (and I say L2 because I do not know how the CPU high swap memory works on that thing). I can have a OS freeze for up to 10 seconds. There are other OS freezes I’ve seen. Calling maps, address book, even happen once when calling the calculator. The calculator! I mean com’on here! 7 Seconds to open a blank page on Safari? What gives?

The other major fail for me is GPS. This is what made me decided to got 2.0 in the first place. When I do a full reboot, gps works well enough. However, turn 3G on and off a few times, as I do to save power, and soon you will discover that gps degrades further and further to where it does not work at all. Not even the cell tower doppler locations. Grrr… I have not figured out how to reproduce it with more precision. Working on that.

No email, no service. Long service acquisition times. Ok, if you live in a weak ATT area as I do, keeping a signal or at least be quick to reacquire a signal is a must. My 1.0 would drop quite a bit at my place (lake Merritt if you must know) but it would normally find ATT and Edge pretty fast. 2.0 can take as long as 20 seconds to lock a signal. Argg..

A friend of mine had to perform a ‘remote’ hard reboot. This is where apple make a deep reboot remotely. You have to be kidding. I have to CALL someone to reboot my iphone?? I’m guessing this was to help stop jailbreaking. Good job. They had it jailbroken before the phone even came out.

And finally itunes 7.7 (something I’ve never liked { I even bought touchCopy to get around it} ) is unstable on my PC. And this is XP we’re ta’ken about he’re. When I first synced the new iphone, I had to run the app 7 times to complete the update. Gezzzz..

Ok, enough ranting.. All of these problems are software problems. The hardware of the phone seems fine enough. And I’m sure that after a few patches, 2.1 or 2.2, they will have it sorted. At least I hope so because I’m stuck with for 2 years.

If you have a 1.0 and thinking of going to 2.0 here is what I can recommend…. See how much you can sell your 1.0 for. If you can get $300 for the 4G or $375-400 for the 8G you may want to think about it. Basically more and more apps are going to take advantage of the 3G speed and GPS. Also, the jailbreak on 2.0 is looking pretty good and the SIM hack is getting traction. I have not done either until its full stable and vetted. Don’t rush it though, I expect the 1.0’s will hold their value for a bit. As for the bugs, eh, live with it. 🙂

Just my 2c.

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