Sometime, you just have to shake you head when a company as large as AT&T fails in its attempt to convince people that its not the death star.  First seem in Ars Technica, AT&T tried to convince everyone that T-Mobile its low grade, not worth talking about and that this really will not change the… Read More

!Warning, this is a rant! With the growing interest in augmented reality, I continue to notice where presenters, bloggers, researchers, and other have misinformed their audience about the subject. To use the most generic of references, “Augmented reality (AR) is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment… Read More

Seems is having some issues today.  First it was showing odd returns on the timelines, sometimes seeing other tweets the I know I do not follow.  Then it the #newTwitter was deprecated to the old  Then they went down all together.  Still down as of this writing.  However, when I go to twittFilter,… Read More

Caution! Arrgg.. This will be a total rant post. <rant>  WTF Microsoft??  I was asked to build a simple application for windows mobile 7.  No prob.  Its been out long enough that I would think all the bugs are out.  Its a simple enough app, whip this guy out in 2 weeks top.  Right.. So… Read More

Nuts.  I was really excited to try this too.  Seems the orginal droid just does not have what it takes to run FF4. Not sure what the issue is, be the OS or CPU or what. When I loaded FireFox4 on my Droid it did give me a warning that it may not work correct. … Read More

Well its happens to everyone at some point.  Well everyone who is responsible for servers.. They go down.  And today its Gmail.  Gmail has been up and down all day and finally a 503 was spotted.  The outage was very short lived, 5 min or so, but that’s for now.  However, what if you need… Read More

That was fast!!   I have been trying to get into the site since 2:30pm pst and it was failing.  Now I get a screen saying they have sold out on the pre-order?  WTH??  Sold out THIS fast?  That makes NOOOO sense.  I have a feeling something is up but not sure.  However, given that the… Read More

Sigh.  I was going to do this last night and got sidetracked with server issues and then sleep. So I decided to try and order my iPhone from Verizon now and guess what?  Server overload. I guess that is to be expected.  Can’t wait to see how many orders they had in 1 day. Update: … Read More

AT&T knows they have a coverage problem, know they can solve it; yet still are going to the solution kicking and screaming. If you remember, you could get a micro cell tower for $199 (used to be $150 ($20 a month more for unlimited) that uses YOUR internet connection to solve a AT&T issue.  Via… Read More

Last night on ‘the daily show’ John Stewart did a bit on how happy he is that Verizon finally announced support for the iPhone.  BTW john, your traffic speed will be almost 40% slower, so get ready… But, he will at least be able to get phone calls.   Now from what I’ve heard, New Yorks… Read More

Warning; this is a <rant>! Ok really, I call Comcast and after going through I don’t know how many loops; and looks folks sometimes I JUST want to talk to a representative; anyway I finally get connected to ‘somewhere’ for technical support. I get put on hold and hear this crap music that sounds like… Read More

Sigh…  Ok, so here is the basics. Seems that any alarm that is set to repeat will not work correctly after daylight saving change.  The fix from apple is to simply erase and recreate the alert.  Great.  Unless you have yearly repeating events, then you will have to go through the year and fix each… Read More

Yesterday AOL went down without much a whisper, although credit to Techcrunch for running the story and not playing it soft. (although I wonder how much more biting it would have been if they did get bought, but that’s another question). Well today gmail web client went down for about 15min for some of us. … Read More