Warning; this is a <rant>!

Ok really, I call Comcast and after going through I don’t know how many loops; and looks folks sometimes I JUST want to talk to a representative; anyway I finally get connected to ‘somewhere’ for technical support. I get put on hold and hear this crap music that sounds like an AM radio that has a hard time keep reception.  Really ComCast??  Your a cable company!!  HOW can you allow on hold music that gives me static 25% of the time?  I did a quick check on the interwebs and yes, there are devices that will get AM/FM and play it as on hold music.  Really?  You cannot afford the CD playing one?  They are only around $400 bucks or so.  Gezz…

And its not just Comcast, I’ve heard this a number of times.  I have to assume ComCast has subed this out or something because the accent on the recording of the woman saying how important my call is; and to please wait;  was so think I did not understand it the first time.  Sigh..  Really.  I can understand a small company trying to save a dime here and there, but a MEDIA company???  Get on it!


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