I have not been really paying attention to the sound quality on my iphone because really, despite the ipod heritage, its not that great.  I have tried it a nice headset, but again, its just ok.  So I have resigned myself to lo-fi audio.  Then on a whim I tried the McIntosh API player skin. Although its still not like listening to my hand made D class amp; it really makes a difference in sound quality, at least I THOUGHT so.  Seems the fact I had to turn the bloody thing up (and I was paying more attention) it made me THINK it was sounding better.  Power of suggestion eh?  What I did not realize is I was using my high end canal headsets.  Normally I just use the normal headset that comes with the iphone with canal adapters.  I just switched to an android for a few months for a test so my headphones are with that device.

If you really want to improve the sound on your iphone or iPad, you first need a really good set of headphones or canals like I had, then invest in an equalizer.  Yes I know I am approaching blasphemy, but in this case, its a reasonable patch to put in between you and the sound.  Right now I’m using Equalizer Pro which is on sale for $2.99 and I’m pretty happy with it.

But more on the skin… The start up takes some time, and the sounds level is far lower then what you hear with the native iOS player, looks cool though.  You have the normal controls forward backward, song title yada yada.

If your are a McIntosh fan, you will enjoy this little hifi app skin.  Do be sure to get a nice headset. It actually does make a difference, and if you are not paying attention like I wasn’t, it may actually sound better too!

So #FAIL for me. 🙂

McIntosh AP1 Audio Player

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