I heard about the Microsoft challenge where you would take your cell phone and try to do something faster then someone on a Microsoft Mobile 7 phone. If you can win, you get a laptop.  Given that they are doing this in the first place, I figured that this is fixed and as such I… Read More

PROTECT-IP is a bill that has been introduced in the Senate and the House and is moving quickly through Congress. It gives the government and corporations the ability to censor the net, in the name of protecting “creativity”. The law would let the government or corporations censor entire sites– they just have to convince a… Read More

This is so funny.  First off, you need to know what this Ocean Marketing fail is in the first place. tl;dr  This (1man?) marketing shop that represents a game controller failed to keep a customer informed about a shipment date miss.  After 3 times the customer started to get angry about the lake of information. … Read More

I never really like GoDaddy so I do not have an account there, but if I did, I would move it.  Why? Well if you have been keeping your eye on the interwebs, you have to have heard about the uproar over Rep. Lamar Smith’s bill to gives both the U.S. government and copyright holders the… Read More

Yesterday I got an odd phone call that sounded like a credit card company that was trying to confirm something with me.  I just activated a credit card that day, so I did not think much of it … but a few things did not add up; I was smelling a scam. First the recorded… Read More

This adventure never ends and the odds of me getting a touchpad for $99 is slipping to nill.  I posted a bit ago that I was able to order a machine though Barnes & Noble.  Well I just got an email cancelling the order: Due to unexpected customer demand for this item, our inventory was… Read More

So we all heard about HP giving up the ghost on their webOS hardware unit.  I was expected that there would be a sale to get rid of these units.  But $99??  Wow, I’m sure that is pretty far below cost!  Right now its live in Canada, but first chance in show up in the… Read More

I’m not sure this is the meego, but 90% sure it is. and again .. why? I guess they were so close with the phone, they released it anyway just to show Nokia was still making phones and committed to the smart phone market. Anyway, here is the promo video and a walk through video… Read More

I’m astonded at this, and as a biker, I feel I have to try and pass the word and hopefully SOMEONE can pass this on to get more attention.  I read this on reddit where you can get more information. Last month,  Jan Morgan was hit while riding her bicycle training for an Ironman. It… Read More

Remember Color?  I do.  I remember it getting $41m in VC cash for what I though was a pretty weak idea.  Then I tried it.  And I was really puzzled.  This seem more like a simple 20k app that really does not need more then 500k to launch.. and all in all, it was just… Read More

Love this.  The new Duke Nukem FPS game came out a while back and the reviews are now coming in.  And they are not good.  In fact, most people who reviews the game have basically trashed it.  Fair enough.. That happens, especially with a title that has so much history.  If you remember, 3D Realms… Read More

I really hate that itunes launches every-time I connect my iphone or ipad.  At first I thought it would be an easy fix, simply uncheck iTunes Summary “Automatically sync [this device] when connected”.  Right?  #FAIL  Yes the iphone will not autosync, but iTunes will still launch!  What is the fix? Turn on the setting ‘Allowing… Read More

I saw in the news a few days back that Google was going to do this, and based on a post in Venturebeat I guess they pulled the trigger.  Google is now blocking Android tethering apps from the Store. Well not blocking per se. From VB – “You can still see it in the Android… Read More

Such FAIL that its almost epic.  I have only recently started to play with iphone voice control after a VERY pleasant experience with Google Androids voice control, which work very well.  With my Droid I could get directions, play music and even call people.  And although calling people was not 100%, it was pretty good.… Read More