Got this in the email and have not tried it but it looks useful. The app is called Dar-Soft’s PDF Forms for iPad and is designed to support annotating, filling out and signing forms and documents.  I can say that more then once I have looked at a PDF and would have liked to dash… Read More

With more and more non young people getting on the iphone, I guess it was just a matter of time before some decided to put a collection of older radio shows together for the older iphone users, and those who still recognize the brilliance of some of those old shows. The app is called Vintage… Read More

There are few Tamagotchi apps out there, but this is the first one I’ve seen that looks and feels like the original.  All the way to the grey bit graphics. The app is called Hatchi and from what I can tell, its going to be almost exactly like the original, and just as time consuming.:)  As… Read More

Jailbreak of iOS 5.0.1 has been out for awhile and now unlock has been released.  So I thought I would gather the links you need to pull this off.  If you are not sure about the difference between jailbreaking and unlocking your iphone, have a look at this iphone jailbreaking FAQ. If you do not… Read More

This is an older rumor, older as in 2 weeks ago. ( Seems Apple is working on an adding Siri to the ipod Nano such that it can work as a watch / personal communicator.  Imagine having a watch that is mostly controlled through voice and performs voice to text for output.. I’m sure it’s… Read More

Want to get OS X Lion on your iphone?  Well this latest port will blow your mind. I have seen lots of ‘ports’ before, but its been little more then some nice skinning and little UI tricks. Check more screenshots from gdeluxe. OS X Lion Ultimatum has to be the best Lion user experience I… Read More

Artem Kotov released version 1.0 of their new game Defense Zone for the Apple iTunes App store on December 19. While not without some minor flaws, this tower defense game puts its mark down as one of the stronger games you can purchase for your iPhone, iPad, or iTouch today. While I’m not a huge… Read More

I just read this so I have not loaded it nor tested it. I’ll take a closer look later tonight. Remember it’s not a install and forget jailbreak app. You still need to set up a proxy so if you cannot do this yourself, hopefully you have some friends who do. Update. I did… Read More

End of year holidays are coming and that means one thing. Lots of new iPads. There are even some that have got them early. So now that you have a new ipad, what apps should you put on it? Well, normally I would give a top 10, however, not everyone will use the ipad the… Read More

Got this via email. Have not tried it myself and I’m not even sure I’m going to make it to the slopes this year, but if you looking for a 3D map for skiing, this could be what you are looking for. Movingworld is glad to announce the release of “Maps 3D 2.5” an 3D… Read More

I just downloaded skydrive a few min ago and have not played with it, but 25g of free storage space is pretty nice. You can get to your files from you computer as well going here.  I have not looked for a desktop app like dropbox has, but I’m sure there is one.  And… Read More

I have not downloaded this, but by just watching the video I’m already sold.  What is interesting and cool about this iphone alarm clock app is that it does more then just wake you up.  Once you are awake, it has voice commands for follow up actions.  Snoose, reset the alarm time, etc..  Better, you… Read More

UnstoppableGorg is not out yet, but they did release a preview video. I like this. I like the variation of being able to move defensive weapons around, even if its just orbit. I also have to give them an upvote for the fun B movie horror flick theme. Fun. Unstoppable Gorg is a lovingly crafted… Read More

For jailbreakers, we have had access to system info for quite awhile now using SBSettings, and although this new app still does not have all the capabilities of SBSettings, at least its something; CPU, Memory and Battery Status. Before iOS4 users would not have to worry about such information. But now that more and more… Read More

Full disclosure, I have not tried Camera Boost at all, but after looking at the site, this looks pretty good. Those of you with ipad2’s, please give this app for fixing poor quality shots a shot and let us know what you find. And now, the email blast… iOS photography specialists Interealtime today is proud… Read More

Ok ok, I know you are really want to get Siri on your iphone, well short of buying a new iphone4s I mean.  And you figure, its only a matter of time before a hacker cracks it.  Well your right, and they have, however there is an issue.  Like other jailbreak apps, Steven Troughton-Smith was able… Read More