About time. I downloaded this, singed into my skype account and give it a shot.  The sound quality was not all that great, but usable. Fring is NOT a jailbreak app so that means anyone can use it. The app is free in the app store, so I would grab this if you ever use… Read More

ok, so I saw a few tweets about this and decided to give it a shot.  And I have to agree, this is pretty cool. Kinda like the wii in a way.  I like that I can curve the ball by twisting the iPhone towards the end of release. Now the only downside.  I can… Read More

I was quite impressed with this application when I first loaded it up.  Basically, it’s the perfect tool for any field organiser or volenteer to get involved with the campaign. But more importantly, it indicates an understanding of the way people (mostly 20 and 30 somethings) are interacting with information and each other.  The iPhone… Read More

When NetShare first came out, I did not download it because … bah, I do not remember why not.  However, once it was pulled off the app store, I really wish I did. I do not need tethering that often, in fact, I only rememeber wishing I had it once, but in the jailbreak world,… Read More

I did a survey of the various navigation apps out there and decided to give Path Tracker a try.  It was only 99c. Path Tracker is not like TrackThing where you get a graph and stats on the iphone. Instead, data is uploaded to a website as with GPS Tracker.  Except I never could get… Read More

I really like intelliscreen, and after a few updates was ready to buy a license. What I have noticed however, is a conflict with the iphone digitizer (touch screen) and intelliscreen at initialization. Over time, the iphone digitizer would respond slower and slower and at one point, would not respond unless I restart. I turned… Read More

I did a ‘maintenance ride’ today and thought I would try out a new iphone app I downloaded last night called TrackThing. I basically turned it on, put it in the small pouch on the back of the bike and took off, ibiking if you will. {UPDATE} Since writing this post I have reviewed a number… Read More

A number of friends are getting iphones and I’m starting to hear the same questions come up, so here is a quick list of questions and answers How do I sync this thing? You need to have itunes. Sorry, no way around this.. and i have been looking. However, I would recommend getting this application.… Read More