I did a ‘maintenance ride’ today and thought I would try out a new iphone app I downloaded last night called TrackThing. I basically turned it on, put it in the small pouch on the back of the bike and took off, ibiking if you will.

{UPDATE} Since writing this post I have reviewed a number of other iphone apps.  Have a look here.

When I was done, I checked to see what kind of information I got and WOW.

This is a still a young application, and later on I will send feedback with idea’s to make it better, but this is great.  So lets break this down a bit…

First here is the ride I took from Oakland to Berkeley and back, short little 10 miler…

For those of you who know the area, there is a pretty good climb at the top of this loop climbing hwy 13.

Now lets look at TrackThing.

Pretty cool eh?  You can clearly see where I started my climb and then my decent.  What is odd though, this the delay between elevation drop and rise in speed.  Here is a close up…

How is it that I was only starting to roll past 25mph when 1/2 way down the hill? I normally hit 28-30 at about 1/3 down the hill. Course, I did not have a great ride today, so it could be correct and I just did not get rolling very well.  But I’m going to take this on another ride with around 500′ (if the iphone is correct) climb to double check. :)

Something else to note in the larger image. You can see all the times I had to break hard for traffic and stop for lights. (Yea, I stop for lights).

There are other screens on this application

There are a few more, but I did not include them because they did not offer new information. I checked these reading against my bike’s computer and what do you know.. they are pretty close!  I’m not sure which I would believe more because the bikes computer does not take 0mph into account and who knows how the iphone responds to bumps, and there are points on the ride where I wish I had a mountain bike because the road is so poor.

What I did not do is keep the mapping option on because I did not know how much battery this would use.  I will on the next ride and will append to this post.

This is a free app BTW.  Its called TrackThing. Get it!

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