I was quite impressed with this application when I first loaded it up.  Basically, it’s the perfect tool for any field organiser or volenteer to get involved with the campaign. But more importantly, it indicates an understanding of the way people (mostly 20 and 30 somethings) are interacting with information and each other. 

The iPhone is doing something that most smart phones seem to have been unable to do, open a channel of communication and interaction that previously would only have been seen on a desktop. Although a vast majority of people who are going to use this app are going be under 30, guess what the age of a vast majority of Obama volunteers are?  By providing such a well thought out CRM tool for anyone who wants it through one of the hottest technologies out there, the Obama campaign has create a dual win by increasing the effectiveness of anyone who wants to get involved and creating a small buzz around the fact that they are the first to really take advantage of this platform.  I’m watching CNN right now, as per my habit, and I will guess that I will hear something about this application before the week is out.

Now, to the app.  Have a look at these screenshots below.  As you can see, this was a pretty well designed application.  What was curious to me, is the fact it went though my address book and found people near my state that are in battle ground states.  Very clever. I also like how media is split between national and local. And ofcourse, a donation button. This app is also very popular right now. I had to try three times to get a complete download. I would like to see the download numbers over time on this one.

Here is a link to download the app.

So the next quesiton is; will the McCain campain build an iPhone app?  What would it look like?


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