Ok ok, I know you are really want to get Siri on your iphone, well short of buying a new iphone4s I mean.  And you figure, its only a matter of time before a hacker cracks it.  Well your right, and they have, however there is an issue.  Like other jailbreak apps, Steven Troughton-Smith was able to get his Siri hack to communicate with Apple’s servers but did not release the code because that would require distributing Apple’s copyrighted files.  However, a Chinese hacking group CD-Dev Team got their hands on it and have no problems with copyright violations.

And this is not the worse of it…  from VentureBeat.

The hack also requires you to send your Siri commands through CD-Dev Team’s proxy servers, which gives the shady group direct access to your contacts, calendar, e-mail, location, and more personal data.

If those red flags weren’t bad enough, reports from multiple early adopters show that H1Siri can cause a variety of problems on your iPhone — including settings malfunctioning, difficulty booting, and even completely killing (bricking) the phone.

So I’m not sure what more you need to conclude that you should not touch this… at all!

If said before that I think we will see Siri on the older iphones at some point, and unless someone was to write completely new code to get around the Apple copyright issue, we should not hold our breaths on running this via jailbreak headache nor worry free. If you REALLY want it, just go out and buy the iphone4s.

H1Siri from Jeff on Vimeo.


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