gear vr back(Note, I’m posting this now, but its not done. But what I do want is feedback. Good list? Bad list? you have a better top 10? Tell me.) I finally got my Note 4 and start loading apps on the Samsung Gear VR and here is my top ten favorites.  Normally I do not include games in my top 10 but with the Gear VR I will make an exception.  Before I get to the list, a comment.  There are a number of Apps that show 360 video and images.  I’m going to list this as one item because basically, its the quality of the video that makes or breaks this experience.  Some of the video I saw was poor and really did not take me into the virtual space where others, like the Cirque du Soleil and the Patrick Watson music demo really make me feel like I was there.  As for the other VR applications I played with, non of them really felt like they were really taking advantage of what you can do in a VR helmet while at the same time, not making the user feel sick.  This is a very difficult feat to achieve.  Creating an experience where all the action is basically in front of you and your are motionless in the environment could also be achieved with a large screen and really good 3D glasses.  However, if you create movement in the VR scene that is too far in conflict to the fact your ears and body are telling you that you are not moving will give your user VOR, better known as VR sickness quickly.

A final note about the Gear VR and the lenses fogging up.  Every time I put this one the lens fog up on me.  To fix this I went to a sky shoppe and bought defogging liquid for the lens.  It works great for one use, but once it drys, then you are back to where you started.  This is a first try at a VR HMD for Samsung and they made it clear this is a developers version, so I’ll give it a pass for now.

Oh and use earplugs.  Worth it.  Many of these demos lose something when playing sound through a speaker.

Unlike other sites, I will put the list down here first, then I will create a page per app because each one make the list for a different reason.

10.   Playhead

I was really on the fence with Playhead because it did not appeal to me, but I appreciate the effort and the imagination that went into this effort.   I’m sure this would be higher on other peoples lists.

9.  DarkNet

8. Titans Of Space

7.  Vanguard V  :  Nightitme Terror  : Lunsee

6.  Dreadhalls

5.  Anshar Wars

4  Herobound: First Steps

3. Matterport VR : Gyeonju VR Museum

2.  Esper

1.   360 Video’s .  BTW the NBA videos look good but still wish the video was a bit more HD.  In a few weeks we are suppose to be able to watch the All Stars game.  Not sure if we get to see the whole game, or highlights or what.


Temple VR did not make it because they violate a basic rule in VR, do not move a users point of view too fast.  When you dodge from one side to another you will get VR sickness pretty fast.

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