Civilization Revolution ipadI like Civilization Revolution for iPad.  Even wrote a collection of Tips and Tricks for Civ Revolution. Well seems there is a Civ Revolution, v 2.4.1 to be exact.  Well, not really new, just a new version.

The biggest change in multiplier.  What you can do now is invite a few friends (or enemies) into your game and you can all go at it.  Multi-player is asynchronous, but like the online version, you still better move fast. Also there are cool new option to pick up new units, new buildings, new wonders, and other new content. Each of the packs is available for just 99 cents, or you can get the “Master Bundle” for $3.99.

It may seem weak to force you to put out new IAP money to get these new features, but considering how long this has been out, I guess its not that bad.  However, if you act fast, you can get the game now for .99c!  Its worth it.


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