simcity roundabout


I have not bought SimCity2013 and do not plan to till there is a hack that will allow me to play offline. The main time I would play is on the train or stuck at the airport or other times when I have down time. I do not always have access to the web during these downtimes, so no SC2013 for me.  Will be very curious what the next iPad version of SimCity will be like.  Based on the video, there is a lot of data and graphics power needed to run this.  Could be the first major game that cannot play on all iPad.  Well see..  Anyway, check out the vid.  The graphics are nice.  BTW, cant wait for the day SimCity supports roundabouts.  As a past UK driver, I totally see the value in these.  The I forgot how to roundabout is from reddit.  Thank you Reddit!

As for cheat codes. I have not personally verified these, so let me know.

These only work in sandbox mode.

Code: Result:
ALT+W Add $100,000
ALT+F Toggle Fire On/Off
ALT+C Toggle Crime On/Off
ALT+M Toggle Health Issues On/Off
ALT+A Toggle Air Pollution On/Off
ALT+P Toggle Ground Pollution On/Off
ALT+H Toggle Homeless Sims On/Off
ALT+S Toggle Sewage On/Off

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