No Cydia on beta breaks!!!!!

If you have been following along with all of the guys who are behind the scenes of jailbreaking, then you already know. Some how, amazingly fast productivity has kept them on the heals of the the iOS6 developers. Releasing update after update of jailbreaks. Presently, you can upgrade your iDevice, by downloading the iOS6 firmware from a copious amount of sites. Then do a custom restore using that firmware using the latest iTunes . You can Jailbreak all the way up to the latest Beta of iOS which presently is 4. The only drawback is that, sure you have an untethered jailbreak. But, you have no “Cydia”. You can install Cydia manually via SSH, but not everyone is ssh savvy. And even if you do install Cydia via ssh, you still may run into some problems. Seeing how all these Beta jailbreaks where originally made for dev’s only, some of the sources may not even be updated yet and will not work on iOS6. My best advice is to do what im doing. Just stay happy with the 5.1.1 UTJailbreak and wait for an “Official” Jailbreak release date.
Besides…. its not to far away guys…. trust me 😉


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