So you just got an iDevice. Welcome to the club, pal. I dont mean it with any disrespect, but nowadays, every family has about 2 iDevices. And guess what? Only one third of them are jailbroken.  And it’s kind of a mix between they dont know how, they dont trust it, or simply they have never freakn heard of it before. So if you are new into the scene and want a little insight on jail breaking, why not here it from a guy who has actually done time and can explain (in moderate detail) what its all about…

So lets think of this metaphorically. You bought an iDevice and are locked into a 2 year contract. (some may not apply but you’ll get it!) The same as you committing a crime and being sentenced to a 2 year term.

Now that you have had your plain old iDevice, or have been sitting around block to tear to yard, long enough that your getting bored with your surroundings, or iDevice just doing its regular old motions. It’s time for a change. A time to break out. To “Jailbreak”!!!

So the next thing is you hit “google” to find out what you can do, or ask around find out how and where and when to do it.  Then you find the right place to Download the  program that will give you an untethered Jailbreak, or ….a time to break free!!

You run the program and it runs seamlessly and your device if now free from its factory constraints. Just like the guy that finally breaks outta jail. Tho yeah, your free, but where to go from there..

Once your device is jailbroken, you will have a new best friend. It’s name… “Cydia”….. sounds like some shit outta the matrix right? hahah  But, on cydia you will find an app store you never dreamed of. You’ll find tweaks and apps. But there is always pirating no matter where you go, so while your on cydia, try and play nice and pay the people who deserve it.

Now i have blogged about the perfect set up for a newly jailbroken iDevice so i will not tell you what these apps and tweaks do. Just trust me, (or you can read a week old blog of mine) and you will be loving your new jailbroken iDevice.

Some of these are free and some are pay… dont be stingy and pay ok? ( dont go looking for a pirate source)

Install the Following 1) SBSettings 2.) 5 column springboard 3.) 5 icon dock 4.) iFile (an absolute must have) 5.)Gridlock 6.)bigify 7.)Barrel 8.) Protube HD 9.)lock screen info and these next two are for you cheap people… i dont condone it i just tell it like it is… 10.) installous 11.) crackulous and now that it has been amazingly updated 12.) Zypher


Those are the first thing any new jailbreaker needs to have on there newly Jailbroken iDevice. I only made the comparison about me doing time and Jailbreaking as a joke and a bit of cruel irony. I did my time, now i teach people how to Jailbreak, ain’t life crazy!

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