Google Body Browser

I was at the WebGL Camp today at SRI and the WebGL team from Google gave us a sneak peak at a web3D medical application called the Google Body Browser. (video)  After watching the video at the link, one can quickly see the possibilities of how this could help anatomical education.

As promised; an initial review of the body browser.

Unlike other web based medical applications I have seen, no Flash, Java, or other plugins are needed. This application will run on any WebGL supported browser. Sure this means only developer or beta versions of FireFox and Chrome right now, but WebGL will be supported by all browsers in 2011 for sure.  Here is a direct link to the Google Body Browser. Here is the link to my video review of it.

Web3d Bone Application

Web3d application for learning the bones of the body.

This application really excites me. Last year I got the opportunity to work on an open standards based web3D medical app for learning the bones of the body. After witnessing how that app really helped students learn the bones, I am sold on using web3D for medical education.

Glad to see Google flexing the power of non-plugin based web3D for medical education. Expect a proper writeup review after the app is made public.

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