Warning, this is more of a rant then anything..

I want a bloody keyboard for my smart phone.   There are many thing about the iphone that really pisses me off, but so far, only android comes close to the experience.  I was excited about the palm pre till I tried the keyboard.. too small.  The G1, the keyboard is useless. (FAIL in the design dept.)  So my last hope?  The Nokia N97.  Now its not a full smart phone OS like the iphone, android or WebOS, but I heard they were going to tweak symbian AND I heard the camera was great.  Well, from what I’ve read, it was nothing more then a tweek although the video and web browsers are both up to modern speed. If taking pics are your main concern, the you will like this phone.

But back to the keyboard, most people complain about the spacing of the N97 or the very poor press feedback, or the tilt of the phone vs. the keyboard.

Please!!  Somebody!!  Build a nice, solid keyboard for the iphone!  Use blue tooth to talk if required. It just cannot be all that hard to build something that snaps on. Take a look at what many 3rd party battery extended products do.

For now, I guess I will get the new iphone3GS and simply accept another 2 years of ATT. Sigh..

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