cat-mehSo, we get a story in the Wall Street Journal talking about Flash on mobile devices.  Adobe says access to mobile is key!  So what is new?  Nothing!!  Apple and RIM still ‘Do not want!’ and Android, Palm and Nokia ‘Do want!’.  I have my HTC from googleIO with Android 1.5.  Looking forward to experimenting with Flash on it.  So when can we look forward to Flash on the iphone? Don’t hold your breadth. Sigh.

The WSJ reports that Flash support will be coming to Palm webOS, Google Android, and Nokia Symbian S60 devices by the end of this year, leaving the remaining holdouts the iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone platforms. Analysts suspect this has little to do with technological hurdles and everything to do with Apple and Research In Motion, who may want to favor as much application exclusivity on their devices as possible.

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