A new twitter game has started up called Spymaster. The backlash has already started, but there is still enough spymaster messages out there that make me want to write a filter (on twittfilter) to hide all tweets with spymaster on it.  Now if you remember back at SXSW, there was something similar called Assassin where friends would tweet success or fails trying to kill other players. You would sign up, then get a DM tweet telling you who your next target is.  You would then have to go around Austin and look for this person and kill them will a toy nerf gun.  When that was going on, I enjoyed seeing who was hunting and killing who because I knew 1/2 of them.  The other 1/2 I tended to check out and started to follow. I liked it enough to even write a little bit of code to show the kills. (assn.php)  

So why was I ok with assassin but now spymaster?  First off, in the SXSW game, it was a real mission with real people using real weapons! I only saw public updates when there was a kill or a fail.  Great.

<rant> Spymaster, give me updates on kills, fail, drops, new missions, going up a level, etc..  Uggg.. And I really do not care!  They are not really hunting each other. There is nothing connected to the real people.  Just as bad as the games that were going on FaceBook back in the day. Seemed like every 3 days I get people sending me invite to play vampires or what have you.

So, I’ve gotten annoyed enough that I’m coding a new function in twittfilter to hide tweets with certain keywords. And spymaster will be the example entry. … Suck on it spymaster! </rant>

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