This is pretty cool.  I fully agree with Peter Kirn that Apple rejecting this as an app is sillyness.  But then again, thats not new.  Still, I admire the push to get this to work within the browser.  I have not tried it myself since I only have PHP running on my linux box which is not live all the time. But, if you DJ, this is a MUST have. If the day ever comes where  I start DJ’ing again, you KNOW I’m going to use this..

From the site:

TUIO is a simple but powerful emerging protocol for multitouch control for live music and visuals, as used on the powerful live tangible synth reacTable. Apparently no one told Apple, however. While the App Store rubber-stamps useless toys like fake cigarette lighter flames, they bizarrely rejected a powerful application by a leading digital artist that would enable standardized TUIO control – for free. 

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..and for you 420’s out there.  Enjoy the video.

MSAFluid for processing (Controlled by iPhone) from Memo Akten on Vimeo.

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