I installed Chrome over the weekend.  It seems ok enough although a bit slow.  However, I found that I had to remember to use it.  So I decided to really commit to it and set it as my default browser, through jailbreak of course.  First off its not fast despite what they say. In fact,… Read More

When I first installed Firefox 4 it was REALLY buggy for me. Lots of crashes and lock ups. I then started removing plugins and its starting to behave much better now. I still have the occasional hiccup, but nothing like in the beginning. However, if you are STILL having crashes and lockups on FireFox, here… Read More

Nuts.  I was really excited to try this too.  Seems the orginal droid just does not have what it takes to run FF4. Not sure what the issue is, be the OS or CPU or what. When I loaded FireFox4 on my Droid it did give me a warning that it may not work correct. … Read More

Sweet!!  I have not seen it running in person yet, but I’ve been looking forward to this app. I’ve already talked about Opera on the iphone, so there is not much more to add but to say I will be checking the app store allllll day for this. And tell the truth. I’m still suprised. … Read More

I just saw a video of the new Opera Mini running on the iPhone!  I cannot wait!!!  This is the first app for the iphone, including jailbroken ones, that really has me excited.  It was submitted today, so we’ll see if Apple will allow it and when. Surfing on the iphone has been a major… Read More

Web browsing on the iphone is a good enough experience with one exception.. ok, 2 exceptions.  The iphone’s browser crashing on me is a bit annoying, but that is another post.  So back to 1 thing.  When I open new pages, normally from clicking on a link, and then try to go back to the… Read More

This is pretty cool.  I fully agree with Peter Kirn that Apple rejecting this as an app is sillyness.  But then again, thats not new.  Still, I admire the push to get this to work within the browser.  I have not tried it myself since I only have PHP running on my linux box which is not… Read More