I’m jailbroken, so when an app does not work, I tend to give it 50/50 odds that one of the jailbreak apps could be causing issues.  But with the Amazon’s new Kindle, I’m beginning to think it could be more Kindle then jailbreak. When I first loaded the app, it locked up the OS forcing me to use ‘kill process’ (yes, control-alt-delete from iphone , check it here). I tried again; this time it did not lock up, but I could not select the text field.  Ok, I rebooted (again from SBSettings, no 1 of my top 10).  After reboot, I could access the login textfield, but not the password.  So I closed it again, rebooted again.. This time I put the password in FIRST, then the login and that worked.  I have to guess that the cut and paste I’m using with Clippy (also in the top 10) could be the issue, but I have never had this issue with any other app I’ve used.

Funny thing though, I cannot shop for books from the app, I have to call amazon on safari… which crashed of course.  I’ve been having safari stability issues lately, so I’m going to do a sync tonight and see if that helps safari.  I’ll update this post after I’ve tried it.  Still, its a good idea.  Buying a kindle is something many of us, (myself included) do not think is worth the money.  Used maybe. I’m going to borrow a kindle 1 and play with it a bit just to see for myself.  But reading a long book on the iphone?  Hmmm.. Not fully sure about that, but I am sure there are enough who would read a tomb on the iphone to make it worth coding the app.   Already the kindle app has more downloads then kindles sold, but that does not mean anything, its the number of books sold and read that counts.  Jury still out on that.

For me, I have stanza as my book reader and I like it quite a bit.  It’s quick, stable, I can get books, papers, mags from the app directly. Sweet.  In fact, I should write a review on stanza..

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